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PVE ....what a great year!

The PVE Family has done some wonderful things with the money we as a school raised this year. Please see the Erichment purchases from this year below.

Thank you to all of our PVE families. Your support helps our school be a wonderful place. Thank you PVE teachers for your hard work, patience and heart this year. Thank you PVE students for your talent, exuberance and spirit.

Here's to a fun and restful summer!


PTO Enrichment Purchases 2016-17

Total Enrichment Budget $36,475.00
Actual Spent $35,726.99
Enrichment Surplus $748.01

Principal $7,000.00
Teacher Laptops $5,000.00
Miscellaneous $2,000.00
Total Principal Purchases $7,000.00
Amount Rolling Over to 2017-18 $-

Guidance Counselors $500.00
The Angry Monster Machine Board Game $54.95
Doggone Grief Board Game $47.99
Stress Quest $49.95
Shipping Charge $5.00
Lakeshore Sensory Ball Set $47.06
How to Get Unstuck From Negative Muck Journal $6.99
Bubble Gum Game $9.95
Mindfullness Matters $19.99
Mixed Emotions $19.95
How Would You Feel If.... $19.69
What Would You Do At School If.... $19.99
Practicing Pragmatics Fun Deck Flash Cards $19.59
My Feelings Game 28.95
2 Sets of Hand Threrapy Balls $15.98
Learning Resources Conversation Cubes $10.24
Sensory Sand $140.68
Total Guidance Purchases $516.95
Surplus Funds $(16.95)

Bus Transportation for Field Trips $4,500.00

Teacher Laptops $10,000.00

One Author/One School $1,000.00
Total Purchases $693.58
Surplus Funds $306.42

Preschool $1,000.00
Crash Pad $170.96
Crash Pad Cover $43.17
Label Maker $24.98
Label Maker Tape $17.74
Musical Instruments for Toddlers $44.99
Rythm Band Lummi Sticks $29.99
2 sets - Rythm Band Wrist Bells $19.98
Egg Shakers $6.99
Shipping $12.90
6 Kindles $600.00
Total Preschool Purchases $971.70
Surplus Funds $28.30

Kindergarten $1,500.00
Apple Science - Diemer $22.68
Rootbeer Floats - McCune $11.65
Apple Science - Crone $17.54
Popcorn and Gingerbread Cookies - Crone $58.52
Rootbeer Floats - Diemer $11.35
Rootbeer Floats - Boudreau $12.27
Rootbeer Floats - Estes $15.01
Gingerbread Cookies - Estes $23.94
All About Me Posters $41.56
Butterflies $148.70
Leveled Readers $1,136.78
Thermometer for Incubator $8.99
Egg Incubator plus Supplies $148.92
Total Kindergarten Purchases $1,657.91
Surplus Funds $(157.91)

1st Grade $1,500.00
Grandparents Day Supplies $38.84
Bare Books Order $275.00
2 - Glue Sticks $24.92
Young Author Speaker $400.00
Young Author Speaker $250.00
Birds of Flight $200.00
Composition Books $312.57
Total 1st Grade Purchases $1,501.33
Surplus Funds $(1.33)

2nd Grade $1,500.00
Be The Change Supplies $67.73
Be The Change Supplies $44.70
Joseph Maley Foundation $200.00
Roald Dahl Books $984.83
Non-Fiction Books $158.19
Total 2nd Grade Purchases $1,455.45
Surplus Funds $44.55

3rd Grade $1,500.00
3 - Clear Plastic Cups for Planting Seeds $37.44
2 - The Writing Strategies Book $90.26
Sequence for Kids $10.99
Jenga $15.55
80 - Love That Dog $242.40
Game of Life Junior $16.99
2 - Battleship: Star Wars Edition $39.74
20 - Love That Dog $60.00
Soil $14.94
5 Chromebooks $960.00
Total 3rd Grade Purchases $1,488.31
Surplus Funds $11.69

4th Grade $1,500.00
Red Rohall $666.00
Underground Railroad $763.00
Total 4th Grade Purchases $1,429.00
Surplus Funds $71.00

4th Grade Additional $675.00
Fur Trader $375.00
Petri Dishes $300.00
Total 4th Grade Additional $675.00
Surplus Funds $-

Music $750.00
Contra Base Bars - B $388.30
Teachers Pay Teachers - Various $116.25
Purposeful Pathways CD Rom $68.95
Music Supplies $165.25
Total Music Purchases $738.75
Surplus Funds $11.25

STEM $750.00
STEM Night Materials $297.84
Picture Perfect STEM Lessons - 3-5 $44.95
Picture Perfect STEM Lessons - K-2 $40.63
Lego 10697 Building Large Box Creator XXL $85.66
5 - Brick Building Base Plates $89.95
5 - USB Cables $24.95
3 - National Geographic Birds of N. America $58.47
3 - National Geographic Backyard Guide to Birds $34.92
3 - National Geopraphic Kids Bird Guide $34.86
Project Birdfeeder $16.16
Tags for Monarch Butterflies $20.00
Total STEM Purchases $748.39
Surplus Funds $1.61

Art (Mr. Miller took a $750 advance last year) $-

Wellness $750.00
16" Connect A Scooter Prism Pack $748.76
US-Games 30' Play Canopy (Parachute) $125.00
Total Wellness Purchases $873.76
Surplus Funds $(123.76)

Playground Equipment $500.00
Portable Ball Locker (recess cart) $245.03
Footballs $28.85
4 - Set of 6 Playground Balls $106.04
3 - Set of 6 Playground Balls $88.89
1 - Set of 6 Playground Balls $31.19
Total Playground Purchases $500.00
Surplus Funds $-

Genius Hour $750.00
Tower Garden Replacement Supplies $330.05
Books $68.50
Think Link $35.00
Day of Design $66.50
Total Genius Hour Purchases $500.05
Surplus Funds $249.95

Literacy $500.00
Professional Organization Membership for literacy and teachers $65.00
Subscriptions Reading A-Z and International reading association $163.95
Reading Fiction:Notice & Note Stances, Signposts and Strategies $30.27
Word Matter: Teaching Phonics and Spelling $47.00
Conferring: The Keystone of Reader's Workshop $29.49
No More Independent Reading Without Support $20.63
Words Their Way for PreK-K $21.04
Word Journeys, Second Edition $42.43
Teaching for Comphredending and Fluency $16.92
The Writing Strategies Book $38.90
Non-tax exempt item $1.18
Total Literacy Purchases $476.81
Surplus Funds $23.19

Life Skills $300.00
Total Life Skills Purchases $-
Surplus Funds $300.00

Happy Thanksgiving from PVE PTO


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Box Top Classroom Contest

Now – Friday, December 22nd

1st Place

2nd Place
Class Party of Choice
(Popsicle Party, Popcorn/Movie Party, etc.)

3rd Place
Extra Recess

Contest Rules
 Each class must submit at least 300 eligible Box Tops to qualify for prizes
 Box Tops cannot be expired
 All 4 corners of the Box Top must be visible
 Box Tops do not have to be cut to size




We earned 5,000 points for entering this contest, 50,000 points for making the top 5 Fan Favorite, and now we have a chance to WIN 250,000 points if we get enough votes!

Marsh points are used to purchase essential school equipment! So far this year we have been able to purchase 5 Chromebooks and a rug for a first year teacher’s classroom!
Is your card enrolled?

If you haven’t done so already, please take a moment to register your Marsh Fresh Idea card by selecting Enroll Your Card. Every time you shop at Marsh, you earn points for our school.

Dining for Dollars Day at Rush On Main
This Wednesday 12/14 11:30am-10pm
Rush will donate 10% of the profits from the day to PVE. Plan a lunch with friends or dinner with the family to support the PVE PTO. Make sure to mention PVE!
 PVE Night at the Pacers!
PVE Night at the Pacers!
Join us again this year for PVE Night at the Pacers game. The game is Saturday February 4 vs the Pistons
Deadline for tickets is December 16
Hope to see you there!